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Blood of a Brother: Rivalry in Rivendell by Namiko Iolana

One Title: Your Story
Characters: Legolas, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Glorfindel, Erestor, Estel, Ashiaro
Summary: Elladan and Elrohir get into an ugly fight over a stupid quarrel, which is all told to Legolas' perspective.
Rating/Genre: PG/General
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, places, etc., except for Ashiaro. This was written for a MC Teitho contest. Enjoy!

The quiet rain dripped off the green leaves of the trees in springtime. Legolas sighed, fully contented to be back once again in Rivendell for a visit. Unlike Mirkwood, Rivendell was never under attack from orcs, protected by the prestigious soldiers, deadly in their aim with a bow and arrow, even in the darkest of night. A slight smile crossed his face as he strolled about the glorious realm. For the brief moment when the sun hit the trees in a particular manner, he felt as if he was in heaven, instead of in Middle-earth.


"Legolas!" a voice called from the opposite side of the field. "Glorfindel wishes to speak with y you for a moment." Legolas nodded, following the sound of Ashiaro's voice. For an Elf who was distantly related to Lord Elrond, Ashiaro always seemed to be more of a servant or a worker than anything else, even part of the family. He chuckled to himself, wondering how many times he caught himself thinking about that fateful encounter many years ago.


Nonetheless, Legolas headed into the Great Hall, where Glorfindel was most likely to be found. Elves were already awake, ready to begin their day. Delicious scents of tasteful pastries filled the air. Tuesdays were baking days for Erestor and the other Elves who worked in the kitchen. Beautiful music flowed as Lindir's graceful hands gently caressed the strings of his harp. Even six-year-old Estel was walking around, and Legolas saw a peculiar little creature in the corner with several Dwarves. He shuddered slightly, turning his fair glance away from the non-Elven crowd. But Glorfindel was nowhere to be seen in the Great Hall.


Legolas sighed. Perhaps Glorfindel was in the library or out on the practice fields. Ashiaro hadn't said where the older, well-respected Elf lord would be, and Legolas had only assumed that the friendly advisor to Lord Elrond would be in the Great Hall. Before the blonde Elf could ponder this question any longer, he was knocked off of his feet as on of the identical twins came racing through the nearly empty hallway, which lead from the northern end of the Great Hall to the library.


"What in Middle-earth is-" Legolas started, but was cut off when the second twin came barreling through with no more coordination than an average human. "Elrohir!" Legolas exclaimed. He'd already deemed it a lost cause if he actually managed to call the twin by the correct name. He could hardly tell the identical twin terrors apart when they stood still, and he had his doubts that even Lord Elrond could have managed which was which at a moment like that.


Part of him wanted to continue searching for Glorfindel, but his instinct bade him follow the twins, wherever they'd gotten off to. He brushed himself off-not that there was any dirt on the ground inside of Rivendell, due to Erestor's obsessive-compulsive need for the Halls to be absolutely immaculate-and pushed a braid behind one of his pointed ears. He raced through the Halls after the twins, following them outside. Several of the older Elves, including Erestor, were pushed hastily out of the way as Legolas grew closer and closer to the mischief makers.


Outside, the twins raced around the waterfall, the latter quickly catching up. Legolas knew that Elladan was the better all-around athlete of the duo, but Elrohir was more agile. The first twin caught his shoe on a rock and went flying through space, landing with a hard thud on the ground, which was covered with sparse grass. The second twin immediately pounced on his brother, sending both rolling with only the dirt ground as a mat.


Legolas watched in horror as the brothers wrestled with one another. After being in Rivendell several times before, he knew that Elladan and Elrohir constantly fought and rough-housed almost daily, but this time there was also revenge, a mere dark gleam in one of the twins' eyes. It's almost as if he wants to hurt his brother, Legolas thought to himself. What had started out as a game, no doubt, had not remained as one in its original innocence.


Suddenly, there was a sickening crunch, followed by a piercing cry. Blood gushed from the open wound and his stomach turned queasily. Legolas winced as his sensitive ears detected the noise. Positive that something was wrong, he raced back into the Halls, searching this time for anyone who would be of help, particularly Elrond. His heart raced and time seemed to stand still as he checked every open door for the Elf lord. Several times he gritted his teeth in a desperate attempt to forget the terrifying sight of blood and the horrific scream for help. There was no avail. But much like Glorfindel had been before, Elrond was nowhere to be found.


Just as Legolas was about to give up hope by admitting defeat, Estel walked over to him. His childish voice was perfect in innocence as he asked, "Are you looking for someone?" Dark grey eyes gazed up in wonder at the Elf.


Legolas nodded hastily. "Lord Elrond," he said without thinking first. The child harboured a confused look on his face and Legolas corrected himself. "Your Ada, do you know where he is?"


Estel nodded. "Ada is talking to Glorfy in the kitchen," he replied. After thanking the young child quickly, Legolas ran towards the kitchen, leaving Estel to the game of pretend he'd been playing before.




"And how many interrupted meetings does this make?" Lord Elrond sighed as Legolas pushed open the door to the kitchen. The wood-elf's cheeks were bright from running so long and his breathing had become rapid.  There was a moment of quiet before he spoke, which seemed like an eternity because Elrond, Glorfindel and Erestor were all glaring at him.


"Please," he said, bowing his head slightly while still trying to catch his breath, "twins…help…waterfall." He leaned over to catch his breath and Glorfindel left quickly, followed by Erestor, leaving Elrond alone with Legolas to explain more.


Elrond took the traumatized Elf into his arms gently. "What happened to Elladan and Elrohir, Legolas?" he asked. His calm voice radiated from deep inside his chest and the intensity of his piercing grey eyes had been toned down as he spoke quietly to the poor Elf.


"They were fighting with one another and I think that one of them is hurt," Legolas choked back the hot tears that threatened to spill forth at any moment. "Badly." Elrond sighed and followed Legolas through the empty halls out the waterfall.


Once they arrived at the waterfall, the scene was chaos. Erestor was rushing back from the general direction of the healing rooms, bandages piled high in his arms, almost so high he couldn't see over the top. Glorfindel knelt down near one of the twins, holding a blood-soaked tunic.


Elrond knelt down near Glorfindel and took over for his advisor. "Elladan," he said, glaring at the older of the twins, "take Legolas to the Healing Rooms and prepare a bed for your brother. Get all the supplies that I'll need." With that said, the uninjured twin took Legolas' arm and whisked him out of the chaotic mess. The bewildered younger Elf was still too shocked to speak and was only able to follow Elladan like a shadow in silence to the healing rooms.


As they were just finishing making the last bed, Elrond walked in, carrying Elrohir. The younger Elf's arm had finally stopped bleeding, but his face was pale and his eyes were more closed than opened as Elrond set his son on the bed. His grey eyes were glossed over in a state of shock. Legolas' nervous glance turned its attention to Glorfindel, asking for an explanation.


"Later," Glorfindel whispered as he helped prepare the warm, medicated water for Elrohir's arm. Legolas nodded and busied himself by rolling more bandages if Elrond should ever need them.


"Umm, Lord Elrond," Legolas asked after some time. The Elf lord nodded a quick acknowledgement as his skillful hands kept working. "What happened to Elrohir? Is he going to die?" Elrond only shook his head and turned his full attention to Elrohir's horribly disfigured arm. Legolas sighed loudly and was excused from the room by Erestor.


He walked down the Halls, humming a soft tune to himself, one that his mother had taught him when he was only a child. After turning the corner and seeing no Elves in the hallway, he knelt down in one of the corners. "Ilúvatar," he whispered, looking upwards and imagining the stars in the heavens above, "I know You're up there, somewhere. And You're watching over us, and You know what's wrong with Elrohir. Please help him get better…" Tears dripped from his eyes as he prayed for his friend. He didn't even notice when the sun set and the stars came out.



The next day…


Elrond brought Legolas into the Healing Rooms and both sat down near Elrohir, who had just woken up. The twin's face was still pale, his eyes still more closed than opened, but he had taken a special herb to make the pain less severe. Elrohir's bandaged arm had been skillfully splinted and put in a sling by Elrond.


The Elf lord yawned. It had been a long night for him, but not the first of its kind. He'd been awake nearly all throughout the nighttime hours, hard at work, whether providing medical care or offering constant prayers to Ilúvatar. "I would still appreciate knowing what exactly happened, Elrohir, Legolas," Elrond said, turning towards his son, a slight hint of a smile engraved deeply into his face. There was a short moment of silence between the trio before Elrohir spoke.


"Ada," he said, tears falling from his grey eyes. "I teased Elladan about being old and he got mad at me." The whole story spilled out, starting with when Elladan had called his brother 'little' and things had gotten worse from there, resulting in the bloody fight near the waterfall.


Elrond sighed, remembering a long time ago when he and Elros had gotten into a similar fight, and both their parents had reprimanded the twin peredhil severely. "Legolas," Elrond said. "Hannon le." Legolas smiled, the light from the window reflecting on his already bright eyes. For the first time in quite a few years, he felt like he'd been a true friend when it really mattered most.




That evening, Legolas knelt down next to the window. The stars scattered in the sky the same way that the raindrops had dripped off the leaves in a miraculous pattern two days before. He glanced up at the heavens, wondering what else would be in store for him during his stay in Rivendell.


"Thank you, Ilúvatar," he whispered towards the stars. "Thank you for protecting Elrohir and giving me the chance to be a friend." With that, his mind drifted off and he fell asleep.


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Re: Blood of a Brother: Rivalry in Rivendell by Namiko Iolana (Score: 0)
Posted on Tuesday, June 06 @ 23:59:37 CEST

Re: Blood of a Brother: Rivalry in Rivendell by Namiko Iolana (Score: 0)
Posted on Thursday, July 20 @ 03:46:42 CEST
I love it, Namiko!

Re: Blood of a Brother: Rivalry in Rivendell by Namiko Iolana (Score: 0)
Posted on Saturday, September 23 @ 04:42:12 CEST
Wow... good stuff! Really liked it... P/S: Hey, did this supposedly take place during 'The Hobbit'? 'Cause that would explain the presence of 'a peculiar little creature in the corner with several Dwarves'...

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